Christmas In Ballarat

Part II

The Hobbit Mine and Osborne Cabin

Looking up

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My two favorite animals. My dog and my truck... I awake in Ballarat to the sight of snow on the argus range. The same for the Panamints. Surprise Canyon got quite a bit from the looks of it.
This is a Blab Shot! But with snow and clouds almost to the ground... A better shot of the snow. A mill site at the mouth of Powder Canyon. A look down the canyon from the upper ore hopper.
The hopper drops it's ore through a raisable chute into a jaw crusher. The chute is raised and lowered by the outrigger above. After being deposited into another hopper the ore is delivered down to this room which most likely contained concentrators and other milling equipment. Some of the bases for the equipment that used to be here. Another view of the upper ore hopper. It looks as though someone has been restoring it. Some of the bolts and the chute are new.
More equipment stands lie about a colapsing shed. The cianide tanks and tailings dump. See the tram station up in the distance to the right? The tiniest ore bin we have ever seen. The Blazer lends some scale. Even the chute coming down from the tiny tunnel is small.
Looking back down the canyon. Another view of the tiny ore bin and it's tiny chute leading up to the tiny little mine. A tiny water collector. Looking down from the tiny mine we see the tiny covered chute.
Not only were the tunnels short but they all leaned to the left. This comes from walking on burro trails for too long. Dan demonstrates the smileability of the Jeep Rubicon. A little below the mill site we explore some stacked stone fences most likely used to hold burros and other lifestock. More stacked stone ruins. Storage or living quarters?
We find an arrastre with the bottom stones turned up. Few arrastres are found with the bottom stones intact. It is done to retrieve the remaining gold. As we leave the canyon we see that the clouds are doing funny and strange things in the sky. This happens a lot in PV and DV. oops To test the new U Joints I take a trip to the Osborne Canyon and stop to check out a can dump.
Look.. They even threw away a couple of nice boulders! Ever seen a rubber jug? Great for drunks who dropped them a lot... Actually it is an old toilet plunger. The plunger turned upside down. A Yuban Coffee tin.
"REGULAR GRIND" ... "PERCOLATOR or COFFEEPOT" A look at the snow that was deposited in the canyon the night before. The cabin is nestled among the rocks on the side of a hill. A really nice day. Clear and cool.
Beyond the ore bin is an interesting fall of rocks and boulders I have been wanting to see. Really neat looking rock. The detailed geology is something I'm still working on. Probably something simple and plentifull like zebra rock. The DzrtGrls say the geologists description hurts their heads. This little rock cabin has always intrigued me. I wonder what it was used for? It had windows and a heating stove as proven by the stack hole in the roof.
A nice window shot. a nice roof shot. Hmmm. A nice caving in shot. If the walls could speak....
This rock retained road is washed out to the point of no way to pass even on foot. I found this rock sturcture near the bottom of the road. A steel leg from s stove that was lying in the area. Another nice day in the desert comes to a close as I head back to the camp site for the night.

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