Anne and Kurt Brotcke's
1959 Shasta

Restoral by Bob and Cindy Ross

Happy Campers

We had been looking for a canned ham vintage trailer for about six months when we met Bob and Cindy. We originally thought we could find one that only needed cosmetic help. We did not want and could not do a full restoration ourselves. We went out to Arizona intending to purchase a trailer and discovered that when we saw it, it was much more work than we could handle. It was after that experience, we felt that we could never buy a trailer from photos only, and that we needed to invest more upfront on a trailer rather than try to do much of the work ourselves.

The day we returned from Arizona, I contacted Bob and Cindy regarding their restored Cardinal that was for sale. We were ready to buy it, but they had just sold it the day before. Cindy emailed us and said they had a '59 Shasta Airflyte that was in pretty good shape. We drove down to meet them and to see the Shasta. We quickly realized that because of our family of three, this was a much better size and layout than the traditional 13' canned ham. So we came to an agreement right then and there; the Ross's would do the necessary work and we would do the upholstery, pick the colors, floor etc. The Ross's skills were the perfect match to our needs. They were very understanding towards our desire to pick the color. The trailer will be incorporated into the outdoor living areas of our house so we wanted a color that would coordinate with the house color. It is officially Kurt's "man-room" and a guest house. We are looking forward to taking it to the rallies and are forever grateful that we met the Ross's. Our trailer search ended in the best possible way.

Anne and Kurt Brotcke

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Nice shot of the street side. Tabby showcases the color matched propane tank and battery box. These exhaust fans keep the digital programmable air conditioner running nice and cool. Nice shot of the curb side. The polished stripe really set's off the cool paint job. Anne get's busy with Cindy puting up the new curtains. The colors are starting to come together.
The ladies are moving along with the interior decorating while the men are outside talking a good story. Front shot of the trailer shows the polished stripe and matching supply equipment. Even the jack stands are painted to match the scheme of the trailer. It doesn't get better than that. Cindy made the custom awning with fabric selected by Anne. It matches the curtains and looks great.
The guys stand back and admire their hard work in getting the awning up. Anne and Cindy take in the shade. Anne and husband Kurt had this great plaque made for the inside of the trailer. Very nice thought. We see that the colors are coming together nicely. Lot's of room in this trailer too. The AC works great with a brow to direct the airflow down.
Time to relax and enjoy the trailer. Even the dogs are getting into the act. Bob assists Kurt in getting the trailer hitched up and ready to go. Just need to do a walk around and disconnect the house power. (left to right) Anne & Husband Kurt, Cindy & Bob Ross. All happy campers.

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