Spring Fling 2007

Spring Fling Goodies

How many flingers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well I don't know and I don't wanna find out. But we do know that when flingers fling, fun happens. And this year was no exception.

Due to the Blazer wanting new tires, a new alternator and a new steering box I decided to leave it at home this trip and take the Ford Van instead. It has been about 5 years since I last camped in it so it was due for a vacation anyways. I threw everything I thought I needed into the 4 wheeled box and off I went to Spring Fling 07. Earlier I had talked to Chris and subsequently snagged a ride for me and Tabby the Wonder Dog in his Jeep TJ for the one run I would do.

After arriving at the resort the first thing I did was go inside and get a Lobotomy Boc beer. Ahhhh.... Now everything was better. Later I went to my faovorite campsite and set up camp. Quite different when I don't have to set up a tent or a trailer. Just open the side doors of the van and I'm open for business.

Saturday we had a planned run up Swansea Grade with the goal of the Salt Trams in mind. We were warned about snow earlier in the week but off we went anyways. The Swansea grade is a beautiful trip even if you don't make it all the way to the salt trams. Which we didn't. We found ourselves at a complete stop when we hit Burgess Camp. There we looked around a bit and had lunch while gazing on the beautiful Owens Valley below and the sight of the Sierras in Spring...

On the way up, my driver Chris had a little problem with his brakes falling off. (so who needs to stop?) So we all stopped for a while to try to figure out how to bolt them back in again. Turns out that Jeeps have funny combinations of bolts with SAE and Metric on either sides of the same widget. This made finding a set of bolts to hold the calipers in even harder than expected. The final decision was to have only one bolt in each of the calipers and use the brakes as little as possible for the rest of the trip. It worked and we made it safely through the trip without another hitch.

That evening we all got together for the Official Trail Run Dinner commonly referred to as the Spiedies Fest. This pot-luck dinner had everything but the kitchen sink and we ate till we burst. We sat around afterwards telling stories and listening to some as well. Lots of friends showed up from all over the country and everyone had a great time.

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The Fossil's Camp with Bricker's tent in the foreground. My camp with a side of Tabby All set up A Road Runner walks into camp
He's eying my outdoor kitchen.
Double Take Charlie, Younger Fossil, Older Fossil and Snow Nymph Dueling FJs View of my campsite with the Van instead of the Blazer and Trailer or tent.
One thing about the PC gang. They are always looking their very best when out in public. "Maybe if I punch a hole in it we can get some of the air out..." Cammo White for snow... Tabby wants to go
"Maybe if I punch another hole in it" Finally on the trail. "Are we there yet?" We spot a tower from the salt tram.
A look back at the herd. A look forward. We reach a good view spot to take a break. Northern view of the Owens Dry Lake.
Mid view of the dry lake and dust control levies. Looking north towards Independence. Looking back on the herd. Chris decides that something doesn't feel right with the brakes so we stop.
He quickly discovers that the left front caliper has fallen off. Desert Wonder has this huge cache of nuts and bolts but none will work. The herd takes a break and talks about things like how many jeepers it takes to screw in a lightbulb. Chris decides to remove one bolt from the other side and use it to hold this side in.
"Now where did this go?" Back on the trail Desert Wonder hits some snow. Chris offers a little help. "Chris I told you to watch out for the burro crap..."
Inside the Burgess cabin we find this URN! "In Memory Of David Scott" A few holes in the roof from some A hole with a gun. People who use guns like this should be shot. Self Explanitory
Back outside we take a look around the cabin. Nice view of the Sierras. Tabby enjoys a break in the snow. More of the cabin.
The business part of the ruined outhouse. A stacked stone shelter. Another view of the herd. North facing slope has much more snow on it.
A look to the east. Yet another look at the herd as I head towards one of the mines. Here I find another stacked rock structure. The mines turn out to be scratches in the surface. On the way back we see more tram towers.
We calculate this tower to be over 100 feet tall. When Tires Go Bad! When cooks go bad. When cooks give up.
When cameramen go bad. When flingers go bad. When EVERYONE goes bad... Night falls.... The Spiedies won...
Rubiblue Does the dry falls. Desert4WD Does the dry falls.