Susan's 1960 A-15 Oasis, named "Hale Makali'i"

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Susan Crum With Diploma In Hand

1960 A-15 Oasis, named "Hale Makali'i". Her name means tiny home in Hawaiian. It took 18 months to complete repairs of mostly rot and age. I had to re-skin her because whoever had pulled up the skin previously, did not put it back properly; gaps under the j-rail, torn skin, etc. This was my first try at shooting automotive paint. It was so easy, even the metallic trim band came out perfect.

Honestly, when I bought Hale, I was just going to fix up the interior and be on my way to adventures. Luckily, I was smart enough to have a safety inspection done and finding out that very little was holding the box to the chassis really burst my bubble. I had no idea what to do and definitely couldn't afford to pay anyone to do the repairs. She sat in the barn for 9 months until somehow, I found out about your videos on YouTube. Through that medium, you showed me the way and gave me the confidence to jump in and do this myself. Using your pulley system method to hold skin sections, I was able to hang the skin myself. Certainly handy when everyone else is busy at work and you're the only retiree on the block. I did have an electrician do some interior wiring, but all the rest I did from frame repair, skin, windows, painting, shellac finish on the interior wood, built the gaucho bed, built the dinette benches and table, exterior lights, flooring, cabinet repairs and wrestling with bending J-rail. I couldn't have done it without you Larry!!!

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