Vacation 2003
Photos Page

Base Camp
  • Location - Horton Creek Campground and Surrounding Areas
  • Participants - 2 (including the dog)
  • 10 Miles North Of Bishop
  • Duration - 10 days

Here are some photos of my vacation in 2003. Late summer / early fall. The fishing wasn't great but then again it's the end of the season. As they say, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

I had a regular schedule. Up before the sun, make coffee and then go fishing at one of the many spots I love near Bishop. Pleasant Valley Resivoir seemed to produce the best. I got eaten up by bugs at the river but it was still fun.

After morning fishing I would come back to camp and make breakfast. Then I would head for Keough Hot Springs for my daily bath. The water is hotter than it has been in years. My favorite pool was an average of 102 degrees. After a relaxing bath I would head back to the campground stopping for gas and firewood and water on the way. I would spend the afternoon either hanging around the campground with the dog and having some beer or going wheeling in the K5. Fishing in the evenings was tough due to the bugs so I didn't do it much.

Dinner would consist of either fish, chicken or steak along with veggies of some sort. Then nightfall, a fire, and watching the stars and listening to the local radio station. KWTY...

The trip lasted from Sept 22 to Oct 1. Then it was time to come home. Shortly after I got up there I had to buy new tires. That $600 cost me a few days but I needed them. Enjoy the pics.

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Fishing the Owens River Fishing Pleasant Valley Resivoir Fishing Rock Creek Lake Sunset At The Camp
Queen Valley Janie's Ranch & Surrounding Area The Trail Up To The Water Head Keough Hot Springs
Need New Tires Got New Tires Huge Junkyard Air Trash Cap
Tabby Relaxing Tabby Protecting The Camp Another Camp View The Colors Of Fall
Camp Set Up Clip Relaxing At Campsite Clouds At Camp Last Night Campfire