11 Days - August, 2004
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All Set Up And Ready For Fun
  • Location - Bishop, CA. and Surrounding Areas
  • Participants - 2 (including the dog)
  • Duration - 11 days
  • 4WD Destinations - Montgomery City - Queen Dicks Ranch - Horton Lake Trailhead
  • Hiking Destination - Horton Lake

Here are some photos of my unexpected vacation in August of 2004. It was unexpected because I suddenly had to move and in the process was without a phone for a couple of weeks. With no phone there is no work. So I went up to Bishop for 11 days of pure bliss. The weather was really nice including some thunderstorms along with moderate temperatures.

On each trip I take to Bishop I try to get at least two 4wd trips in. Mostly to locations of old mines or mining camps and ghost towns. They exist in abundance throughout the Sierra Nevada and the White Mountain ranges. Both in California and Nevada. This trip included a trip to Montgomery City which is a 140 year old mining camp. Nothing left there but a single rock-built cabin. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera with me that day. (That was dumb)

I also visited a 100 year old ranch that was owned by a local Indian named "Queen Dick". (I know, wierd name...) The main cabin, built of rocks and boasting a wood roof is still standing. He was a sheep herder and built his pens out of rocks. Lots of rocks... He had lots of rocks. I need to gain more info on this area.

Also on this trip, I sent a friend of mine up to Horton Lake at 10,500 feet in the Sierras to take some pictures for me. The last time I was there was ten years ago and I can't hike back up that high yet since my heart attack in Feb. of 04. So my friend went up there and spent the night. He took lots of pics for me which are posted here.

The remainder of the trip was spent fishing, sitting in the hot springs, or just plain relaxing. I also spent a few evenings with some of the locals having dinner and playing cards. 11 days of pure bliss. No phone, TV, internet or other distractions. Enjoy the pics.

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Entering Horton Creek Campground I got the best campsite this time Two Trees! The dog and I take a short break View from the campsite
Flynns Hang Glider Launch behind Bishop Airport View of the airport from Flynns Launch Looking West on the way down from Flynns A little rain coming my way?
Heading for 100 yr old "Queen Dicks Ranch" A wild animal that I encountered along the way! The first of the rock-built pens come into view More of the pens
More of the pens. I guess he had nothing else to do. The ranch viewed from a hill above The ranch from above including the view of the Owens Valley looking south What's left of The Main Cabin
Front view of the main cabin Higher view of the main cabin Inside the cabin with the dog View of some of the pens from under a tree
Leaving the entrance to the ranch A sunset at the camp Happy Camp My humble residence
My friend Dylan at the Horton Lake Trailhead Horton Creek near the top of the trail The old log cabins at the lake Horton Lake
Inside one of the cabins. Kind of unkept now but it used to be nice These beds were nice 10 years ago Self Explanitory. But not followed. An ore chute from when the mine was worked.