Fall Haul Night Run

GTFO Briggs Cabin Run

October 2007

GTFO Club Defending The Briggs Cabin

Night runs are special. Everything looks different at night. Everything smells different at night. There is a special feeling you get when exploring old buildings at night. An eerie sort of feeling. Like you are being watched.

After attending a funeral in Taft, California, I made my way towards Panamint Springs in order to meet up with some friends and do the long anticipated Darwin Wash Night Run. The night run was just great. B-Spec took us on a new road that lead to some really interesting places. We found mines, shafts, headframes and buildings. It was the way Halloween should be. A full moon and old stuff to explore.

No one got stuck or had any breakdowns and we had a blast. Night runs are special!

The next morning we got up and finally got going towards our next goal. We all slept in because of the night run. The Briggs Camp Main Cabin is where we were headed. Briggs Camp is nestled up on the side of a wash in the southern Panamiment Mountains. There are two very nice cabins that are maintained and guarded by volunteers. We were there for 2 days and 2 nights and were bothered by no one the whole time. Not a single vehicle came up or down the canyon the whole time we were there.

John and his Son Ian were accompanied by Bucyouup (Chris) and Roadrunner (Tanya). While they set up camp in the main cabin, Chris and I spent our nights in the lower Stone Cabin. But we all would hang at the main cabin during waking hours. We had lots of food and drinks. We also had a few guns to play with. Both cabins have specially built shooting areas built right into the decks.

The trip was great. Good friends, good food and good times. Can't wait to do the same thing again but next time in Butte Valley... Stay tuned for that one.

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