Trails Part II

Let's Go Up THERE!

In the last report you saw some of the scenery of the Nevada White Mountains. The start of that mission was about 45 miles from base campo in Bishop California. These next two trips take in some of the California side first and then right back to Nevada. So let's start with the Buttermilk Trail which is located just west of Bishop a few miles.

The picture above shows where we are going. Lots of rocks...

Let's get started Nice little Rock Garden Getting there Almost there
  End of the line. The nice road down you see in the background gets quite a bit tougher. This is the other way down.  

Sugarloaf Peak is located near the Queens Valley entrance in Nevada and the beggining of the trail actually starts right behind a now closed casino at the top of Montgomery Pass. The trail is mild for the most part but again there are some interesting by-passes that can challenge even the best of rigs. The entire route is lined with mining claims. Some active. Here you will find geodes and quartz in abundance but you don't dare take anything home with you if you don't have a claim. The entrance is about 45 miles from the base camp and climbs to about 8500 feet. You really have to watch where you go because some trails just end out of nowhere and you might have to do quite a bit of backing to get out.

Sugarloaf Peak, Nevada in the distance. Getting there is half the fun. Sugarloaf Peak in the background. High above Montgomery Pass. The top of Sugarloaf Peak. Inaccessable by my truck. Chris or Craig could make it though. Tabby is having fun. How about that smile?

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